burst apart.

11 Jun

i’ve been traveling every weekend for the past month, which has of course led to awesome new adventures, but i’m completely thrilled to be back HOME. back in my own bed, poking around my own apartment, and back to my chicago family. for a lot of us, may was a chaotic month for work and travel–getting together took back seat.

this is the first weekend in a VERY long while where we can all reconnect–and you can bet your bottom dollar, a reconnection will be had. an onslaught of spastic e-mails have been exchanged in anticipation of the events of the weekend, which leads me to the reason for my post–my excitement for The Antlers concert tonight!!

if you haven’t checked out The Antlers’ new album, Burst Apart, i highly suggest it. since last summer they’ve been a favorite of mine and when they live launched their new album at SXSW earlier this year (streamable via NPR), i just about fell out of my non-ergonomic desk chair. i’m loving the quiet expansion of their enormously tragic lyrics and lonely beats.

check out The Antlers’ new album, Burst Apart, via grooveshark.

update: i’m purposefully coming back to this post to HIGHLY recommend listening to the following Antlers songs: Two and Bear, which are tracks featured on their 2009 album, Hospice. i’d agree with pitchfork on this one–best new music, hands down.

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