4 Jun

if you’ve encountered me within the past month it is a guarantee that i’ve raved to you about a recent trip i took to charleson, south carolina. i’ve basically become a poster girl/travel agent for this city. thus, it is only fitting that i find one more place to sell the fabulousness of this vacation.

the trip was amazing for many reasons, the greatest of them being a reunion with best friends from college–girls i shared a home with while in undergrad studies at the university of michigan (go blue!). these girls are family to me. we’ve seen each other through a mountain of experiences over the past eight years. the now limited time we are able to spend together has become a precious event.

we stayed in a condo on folly beach, a cute and lively seaside town just outside of charleston.

{view from the apartment}

aside from the affordability of the trip and happiness of reuniting with the 719 girls (our street number in ann arbor), i truly fell in love with charleston. the city feels like old europe in the tropics. it’s filled with nooks and crannies packed with history and a richness i haven’t felt in the U.S. in a long while.

{rainbow road}

{i need this gate.}

this trip reignited my interest in history (more on that to come). i’d like to return to charleston sometime to get a few more days to visit the historical sights. admittedly, i balanced historical sightseeing with historical cocktail drinking and boutique shopping. chalk it up to the girls weekend, complete with surprise bachelorette party for the 719 bride to be.

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